What Is Life Actually About?

A Short Inquiry Into Readers’ Experiences

Stefania Simon
2 min readOct 10, 2023

You may want to skip the intro, but I would like to explain what I plan to do here. I have been considering this idea for a long time, and today is the day I decided to start.

I would love to start a series of articles — a future publication even — that focus less on what I have to say and more on the readers’ (and writers’, obviously) wisdom, experiences, and life lessons. It’s not about modesty or a lack of ideas, but an almost haunting desire to find out what point in life others have reached by reading some genuine stories from whoever may feel like sharing.

I’ve been obsessed for a while now with the topic of happiness, fulfillment, how to get there, and by which means we should do so, because after all, our destiny is a sum of choices and compromises that we make along the way, and I’m pretty sure none of sure can guarantee we are doing it right.

Like many of us, I am going through a difficult but incredibly valuable process of filtering the toxic, unnecessary, or unfitting building blocks I have been keeping at the core of my existence while leaving enough space for what truly needs to be there.

I don’t know who I am, what stands out at first glance or interaction, what I was made for, or what I will leave behind, but like all of us, I have a limited time around, and I want to make the most of it. Therefore, I’m collecting memories and tiny moments of bliss, which are rare, sporadic, and always out of pattern. I’ll briefly tell you about the last time one of them occurred.

Last summer, ~ June 20, in Greece, Corfu Island, I, and 4 of my friends, wandering around a very remote mountain village, casually looking for something to eat, somehow arrived at a small festival in the local square. It was the least fancy place you can think about, with some plastic cup wine from some barrels and barbeque, all the newcomers more than welcomed. It was getting dark, more and more people were joining, a local band was singing Greek songs and almost everyone started dancing — I’ve seen some of the most talented people showing off their dancing skills. For about 3 hours my tears were pouring while my mouth could not get rid of the enthusiastic and joyous smile. However little or insignificant these people were owning or doing as a job was just enough and they were making the most of their time, and we just happened to be there to acknowledge that.

And that was my moment of ‘this is what life is about’.

Now it’s your turn. I would love to find out about yours. What makes your life not only bearable but fulfilling? What was your enlightening moment? What makes you stop along the way from time to time?